Weekly Review on Auctions

Today I went to a Drop Auction at Cowboy Up. This beautiful market is owned by Tracy Podium. The Auctioneers at Cowboy Up are Kizy Kayo, who has been doing auctions for about 3 years, Aryanna Draken, and Syndal Reanimator and they have also been auctioneers for a long time. Today Aryanna was the Auctioneer and it was fast paced with lots of awesome deals.

The schedule for Drop Auctions is:

Wed 12pm Drop with Aryanna
Sat and Sun 5pm Drop Auction with Syn

Drop Auction Area:


cowboy up 3

cowboy up

They also do Classic Panel Auctions here, also during their auction they do something nobody else does its called the wheel of lindens. a certain panel renter is choosen after each auction and they get to spin the wheel. whatever amount the wheel lands on that person wins the lindens

The schedule for Classic Panel Auctions is:

Mon, Wed, Fri 7pm with Kizy
Tues & Thurs 8pm with Aryanna

Classic Panel Auction Area


cowboy up4
Make sure and check out the market after the auction, Cowboy up has a accessories shop as well with horse feed systems, bundle detectors and a ton more stuff for your horses.


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