Spotlight on a Perfect Project

Happy Thursday!  This week the Spotlight is going to shine brightly on someone I’m sure you’ve all seen at one time or another helping out in group chat.  You know her! You love her! That’s right it’s the one and only Molly Lundquist!! Miss Molly, our favorite group chat breaker, not only spends a lot of her time helping out breeders in group she also has some pretty fabulous horses breeding.  She has been kind enough to let me shine my Spotlight on one of her favorite projects, her “Perfect Black Walkers”. This is what Molly had to say about her project:


One of the many projects I am working on is a total Black Walker. As everyone knows, I am a little particular about which traits go on which coats.

Yes, I know the Walker is an older coat, but I really love how they look 🙂


My idea of a perfect Black Walker is:


Coat: Black Walker

Eye: Ghost

Mane: Long

Tail: Long

Coat Gloom

Hair Gloom

Skull Branding

Ear Size Scanty

Ear Style Half Droop Left

Socks Black

Wild Hair: Black Walker

Wing: Nightfall

Horn Shadow

Bridle Black

Saddle Black

Speed Class S

Stamina Class S


No gleams, lusters or opals are allowed on my Black Walkers. I also only use long mane and tail, and no lanky ears. I have all the traits that I want to use, I just need to put them all on one horse, and that’s NOT easy when you only have a total of 6-10 horses per project…lol.



Now I’m sure everyone out there has their own definition of perfect but Molly has inspired me to start adding racing traits to some of my projects.  Hopefully you find the projects I shine my Spotlight on each week inspiring as well!  Check out the pictures of Molly’s project below.

Until next time Happy Breeding!


group shot black walkers riding


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