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Today I went to a Regular Panel Auction at Clear Springs Ranch. This is a beautiful market owned by Axyl Wylde and Zalestra Wylde.Axyl usually does this auction but do to a cold his voice wasn’t up to it so
Desperada was the auctioneer for today. The auction was full of awesome deals, and was very fast paced. Desperada has been doing auctions for over 3 years and Axyl has been doing them for over 2 years.

clear springs 1


clear springs 2

clear springs 3

Auction Schedule and Auction Rules.

Horse Auction:
MON-FR @12PM w/Axyl
SATURDAY @12PM w/Desperada
Sunday Drop Auction @10 AM w/Desperada

clear springs 4

Panel Auction Area

clear spring 5
Drop Auction Area
K9 Auction:
every other Sat @1pm (we alternate with Avalon)
She has it one Saturday and then I have it the next. Axyl Calls the K9 auction. There are schedule boards at MyPets and at Clear Springs Ranch K9 auction areas announcing where the auction will be each weekend.

clear springs 6


K-9 Auction Area

COMING SOON Amaretto Bird Auction
(Times and days to be announced)

Horse Auction Rules:
2 panels per person
500L Minimum Bids
One drop allowed, No Proxy
No NCs needed!
2 items per panel

K9 Auction Rules:
1 panel per person
300L Minimum Bids
One drop allowed, No Proxy
No NCs needed!
2 items per panel

After the Auctions, check out this awesome market for more great deals, and don’t forget to stop at the Amaretto Horse Store for all your horses needs

Amaretto Store Location


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