Interview With an Amaretto Breeder

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!
Please make your way over to the Summer Festival to check out all the nice Amaretto Breedables also check the OOAK Amaretto Horses out!!!

This week I had the pleasure to interview Zenithblaze Fenwitch, if you see him in the group be sure to give him a big shout out!! Thank you Zenithblaze for letting me interview you this week!!!

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?
Born in Dudley, England I live with Trinityskye Zarco now in the Eastmidlands England. I joined Second Life along with Trin to meet her sister’s boyfriend in SL. I soon found motorbikes and other enjoyable things to do.

How did you get started in breedables?
I decided after seeing my partner’s horses that I wanted to try them out for myself.
Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?
Amaretto Horses, K9 and Barnyard Birds

Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?
Yes a few dwarfins

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?
I like the tweety bird projects so right now I’m adding more yellow traits like the horn and marigold wing and eyes to them.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto K-9s?
I’m enjoying trying to put red traits on boxers at the moment.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Barnyard Bird?
At the moment I’m building up new traits on my Lavender Orpingtons that I got from the new starters.

What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable?
Ooo tough question I like them all so hard to choose…Birds at the moment coz I’m spending most time with them

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables?
I enjoy motorbikes in RL so I tend to go bike riding. I go dancing at rock clubs and enjoy chilling out with our family members that are also in second life.Trin taught me how to play greedy and I like the fishing event that Amaretto does .So we’ve put a fishing jetty at our home sim so sometimes I’m there just chillaxing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Zenithblaze Fenwitch interview!!

I have included some  pictures of  Zenithblaze special Amaretto Breedables

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!






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