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Hey, Hey, Hey! It’s Thursday!! Today is a very special Spotlight as I will be recapping the Community Meeting from last night.  We have these Community Meetings every month so that you can come out and ask us any questions you’d like.  We love using these Community Meetings to meet our Community members and squash any pesky rumors you may have heard.  So if you have a question, write it down and bring it to the next Community Meeting!

Last night the meeting was held at the location for the Summer fest Auction that is coming up on Friday June 26, 2015 at 1pm slt.  Avalon, Jaymee, Karrie, Maleficent and myself were there to answer all your questions.

Avalon explained to everyone about the auction on Friday and what will be auctioned.  The OOAK Auction animals were all there behind us for everyone to see.  Avalon was able to tell everyone there that the OOAK’s are holding surprises like previous OOAK’s but just like always we can’t tell you what that could be. You can see the list of OOAK Auction animals a long with the other items that are being auctioned by going to this blog:


If you are unable to attend the auction we will provide a proxy bidder to you. All you need to do is message Avalon and she will help you with that.  We will be streaming the auction live on a stream so that you can listen to it at your land if you can’t make it to the auction sim.

Proxy bidding is just having a bidder assigned for you who can bid in your absence or if you are online and can’t get to the sim then you just get in private message with your proxy and can bid thru them.  Differently in this auction this year since we can’t do raffles we will have a list of people you can message so that you can still get your bid in.

We cannot do the raffles any longer due to changes in SL gaming rules. The “create your own” items being auctioned have rules that must be followed and you can read these by going to the auction site and clicking the board that shows the items being auctioned. Once you bid at the auction and win one of the “create your own” you will be working with Ava directly during the process. So once you win one of the items you come up with the concept and Avalon will take it to our designers.  It will be a process to get the item created.  We also explained that the “create your own” items could not have particles and that you cannot use anything that is copyrighted.  You will submit your concept to Amaretto and the Amaretto design team will create the coat, collar, eye, etc. and that Amaretto will own the copyright to these items.

There were questions about why we were not doing the raffle this time and were auctioning the items off.  Avalon explained that she read over and over the gaming rules, she then got into live chat talked to a scout and then finally got to talk to a Linden.  Their answer to her was that if the rules were unclear to her then she should not do it.  Since we do not want to do anything that could cause Amaretto any trouble we decided it would be safer to do the auction than the raffles.

From all the talk at the Community Meeting I can tell you that the Forever Foals, Perpetual Puppies and Beloved Bird certificates that are being auctioned seem to be one of the favorite items at the auction and everyone is excited about them.


The other big topic at the Community Meeting was the new Independence Limited, Special and Collectors Editions that are out until July 6.  Remember that the horses have the 25th trait hiding and you have to breed them together for a chance at that.  There are also pretty cool surprises hiding in the K-9’s and Barnyard Birds.  If you haven’t gone out and got yours yet be sure you do that!

Along with all the discussion at the Community Meeting we as always had lots of fun and laughter!  So I encourage you all to watch the Amaretto Calendars and come join us for the next Community Meeting!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!!


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