Interviews with an Auctioneer

Today is the first in a series called Interviews with an Auctioneer. Todays interview is with Kizy Kayo! I asked several questions, and here are her awesome replies!
kizy kayo

Q. How long have you been an auctioneer ?

A. Kizy Kayo: For about 4 years
Q. What made you decide to become an auctioneer?

A. Kizy Kayo:I enjoyed helping people learn about the Amaretto horses. I just loved them from my first day having one! I thought being an auctioneer could help more people learn about them.
Q. Approximately how many auctions do you call in a week?

A. Kizy Kayo:I call between 5 and 7 auctions each week usually. There have been times I called 3 a day in past years, but I have settled down to around one a day now.
Q. What type of auction do you enjoy calling the most?

A. Kizy Kayo: I love calling elite horse auctions the most. It’s a lot of fun showcasing beautiful new horses or designers. However, it’s been a lot of fun with the drop auctions as well. I am excited to start calling the barnyard bird classic auctions this week.
Q. What kind of breedable auctions do you call?

A. Kizy Kayo: I call Amaretto Horse auctions and I’m starting this week to call Amaretto Barnyard Bird Classic Auctions. I have done a few Amaretto K-9 auctions as well.
Q. What breedable did you call your first auction for?

A. Kizy Kayo: My first auction was for Amaretto horses. It was before the birds and k-9s were out. I have never done any other breedable other than Amaretto. Just found the best of luck and fun with Amaretto breedables and I never wanted to try any other breedable.
Q. What do you feel are good qualities needed for being an auctioneer.?

A. Kizy Kayo: I feel that patience is necessary to be a good auctioneer. I also think that it’s good to be easy-going and flexible because little things always happen to shake up the auction, which are really no big deal. Auctioneers also really need to care about the item they are selling in order to do well
Q. What is the funniest thing that has ever happen to you when calling an auction?

A. Kizy Kayo: Right before an auction was to start, I was reading my kids a bedtime story. I didn’t know I had the mic on and I read Pinocchio and did sound effects, etc. to a whole crowd of people at an auction. I about DIED! It was so funny, but everyone seemed to enjoy and they didn’t even boot me off the sim. That was one of my funny moments.

You can tell Kizy does enjoy being an auctioneer!

If you are an Auctioneer and would like to be interviewed, just send a notecard titled Interview of a Auctioneer with your sl name on it to Maleficent Farshore!

Until next week happy breeding , and go check out the auctions for some great deals and fun!


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