Does the Spotlight get “Lost in Translation”?

Happy Thursday!! This week I decided to shine my Spotlight globally! I want all of our Community Members around the world be aware and know what is going on in the Amaretto world.

I know many of you in the Community use translators when asking questions in the main Amaretto Group and I want to be sure that you are aware that you can also use these translators to attend our events and classes at the Amaretto Ranch University!

These valuable classes at ARU are done in voice and text as well so you can attend the University and use your translator in order to participate and receive credit for attending the classes!  We have some of the best teachers in the Amaretto Community and they would love to see you all there learning all you can about our breedables.

Another valuable resource we have for the non-English speaking portion of the Community is our Multi-Language group.  We have wonderful group moderators that are bi-lingual and we also have translators ourselves where the staff and the group moderators will do all we can to help out.  As many of you already know most all web browsers also have the ability to translate the web page into your native language so you can follow these blogs we do every day and utilize all the tools the Amaretto

If you know someone that is struggling with language barriers while trying to learn about breedables be sure to let them know about these tools to assist them in getting better acquainted with the breedables and the community!

Now translate this blog and share it with all your friends!! Until next time happy breeding all!




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