Interviews with an Auctioneer

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing snookiegirl Resident! I asked several questions, and here are her awesome replies!


Q. When did you first start being an auctioneer?

A. snookiegirl Resident: Well honestly we opened E&S in May of 2011 and at the time we were short on auctioneers so the lovely Elektra said to me I think you will need to auctioneer but only until we get enough staff so on Saturday May 28th 2011 I called my first auction

Q. What made you decide to be an auctioneer?

A. snookiegirl Resident: It was not something I had a desire to do but once I did it and the adrenaline got going I fell in love with it. It is a great way to continue learning and get to know others in the community!!

Q. When you first started auctioneering , what breedable were you auctioning for?

A. snookiegirl Resident: Amaretto of course!!!

Q. What do you feel is the most difficult thing for you, being an Auctioneer?

A.snookiegirl Resident: This is a hard one .. we have such an eclectic group of patrons and acclimating yourself to not only the patron but to the different styles of breeding is a challenge but it can also be very informative and a lot of fun

Q.What is your favorite type of auction to call?

A.snookiegirl Resident: I will call any type of auction but I absolutely love calling my patron auctions. I have the best time and the most fun with them and the patrons are awesome

Q.What do you feel makes a good auctioneer?

A.snookiegirl Resident: My personal feeling on this and I am going to keep it simple is that you have to know how to have fun and not be afraid to be a little crazy at times

Q,What is the funniest thing that has ever happen to you when calling an auction?

A.snookiegirl Resident: I had to think for a minute about this one but I remember quite some time ago when I used to keep things like floors and such unlocked .. clicking on a panel and not sure how to this day but I picked up the entire set of panels in the middle of an auction .. needless to say and those that know me we now lock everything down at E&S. We had the auction master system at the time with 24 panels and all of the sudden it was back in my inventory and all the horses were just floating on invisible panels.

You can tell snookiegirl really loves being an auctioneer!

If you are an Auctioneer and would like to be interviewed, just send a notecard titled Interview of a Auctioneer with your sl name on it to Maleficent Farshore!

Until next week happy breeding , and go check out the auctions for some great deals and fun!


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