Happy Thursday!  This week I am going to start a series of Spotlight’s where I will use my best detective skills to expose all the dirty little secrets of the …… Amaretto Website!!  We also like to call it the Amaretto Social Network so you will hear it referred to as both the Website and the Social Network, rest assured we’re talking about the same thing!

There is so much on this wonderful website that I want to show you how to make it a part of your everyday Amaretto experience.

We will start by dissecting a portion at a time and this week we will begin with the box you see beneath your Profile Picture on the website.  Just so we are all on the same page (pun intended) please be sure you are using this link and that your page looks similar to the one in the picture below:



pic 1


Now as I mentioned we are going to be discussing the box below my profile picture.  This is jam packed with very useful tools.  The top link that says “View Recent Updates” will tell you the latest activity on your profile.  When you click it you should see something that looks similar to this picture:


pic 2



The next link, “View My Profile” takes you to your profile page and a whole sea of new information!  Check out what it looks like and then we’ll talk more about the different things you find there:


pic 3



As you see there are links above the top, (updates, info, friends, albums, links, groups) and if you click more you’ll see Forum posts and you can go immediately to any forum you have posted on!  Pretty cool if you ask me!  Now underneath your picture you will see that you can edit your profile and your profile style (you will not see the Admin Settings as that is only for Amaretto staff).  Your member info is below that and shows you how many views your profile has, how many friends you have, last time you updated your profile and when you joined the site.  These are all helpful links to help you maneuver around the Social Network more efficiently so be sure to check them all out and begin to get comfortable navigating around.



The next 3 links allow you to Edit Your Profile, Browse Members (so you can see if your friends are also on the Social Network) and Invite Your Friends (in case they are not already members of the Social Network).


The last links are 3 of the most valuable links you will find in this particular area of the website, the calendars and the store locations.  How many times have you thought, “I wonder when Amaretto is going to do another fishing event?” If you click the link “Amaretto Calendar” you will have instant access to all Amaretto events for the current month!





Do you want to attend the Amaretto Ranch University and would like to see what the classes for the current month are?  Well the next link, “ARU Calendar” will tell you the classes for the entire month!





Last but certainly not least in this section of the website you will find the link to the Store Locations.  This handy link will give you the SLURL to all the Amaretto Store Locations inside Second Life!  How many times have you lost the landmark to your favorite store?!?!  Well with this link you never have to worry about that again!!


pic 4


Now how do I get the link or SLURL as they’re called to use inside Second Life from this webpage?  Easy!! Chose which store you would like to visit and on the button that says Go Here Now right click and then pick copy link address from the choices that pop up.  Once you’ve done that simply go to your local chat in Second Life and paste the link it will look something like this:



Ok that’s enough to keep you busy exploring the website for now! Join me next week as we continue our investigation into Amaretto Website!!


Until then Happy Breeding!




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