Start The New Year With ARU!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Are you new to Amaretto and would you like to learn more about your breedables? Or, are you a long-time breeder who needs a refresher course on breeding? Well, Amaretto Ranch University can help!

Amaretto Ranch University (ARU) was created so you could achieve full knowledge of our products. Classes are taught at 9AM (SLT) and 5PM (SLT) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And, on Saturday at 11AM (SLT) in the ARU classroom located here:

ARU consists of 47 classes ranging from general information to specifics about your horses, K9s, birds, and ponies. And, classes are continuous which means you can start at any time.

Attending ARU is absolutely free, however, you will need to enroll. Just look for the registration kiosk, located in the back of the classroom, touch it and follow the easy instructions. A username and password for the ARU website will be provided to you, privately, in nearby chat.

Then go to the website located at Once there, click Course Progression to get to the login. This page shows you which classes you have taken and which ones you still need to complete.

Progression is documented based on the notecard you submit to the instructor at the end of each class. *Please note that it can take up to 7 days for notecards to be processed and to show up on the website.

After you complete ALL the classes offered you will be eligible to graduate! Graduation is held once a year and you will earn a framed diploma and breedable especially designed for ARU!

So, what are you waiting for? Start attending today!

Until next time…hope to see you in class and HAPPY BREEDING!

Its almost time for the picture of the Month! Enter NOW!

Hey everyone and what a terrific Tuesday! Do you want a chance to win some FREE Amaretto products!? Well, every month I pick a picture of the Month! Let me give you a few details about the picture of the Month…

Who can enter? ANYONE!

What can it be a picture of? ANY AMARETTO BREEDABLE AND YOU!

Can it be edited ? YES!

Can I enter every Month? YES!

Can you win more than once ? YES!

Is it only for horses? NO! Ponies, Barnyard Birds, and K-9s are welcome too!


Well I never thought you would ask! Just simply place your full perm picture in a notecard with your name on it! Take that note card to any main store or haven sim and drag and drop it in the camera!

There are 3 locations that you will find a camera located at:

Every month on the 15th I will collect all photos and choose the winner!

You can win free Amaretto products!!

I will also post your photo on the front page of the Amaretto Website, place on the billboard at the main store, and on the Amaretto Facebook!
Your photo will also be placed in the forums under the Picture of the week!

Check out all our past winners here:

Now I know most of you don’t like FREE stuff but some of you will, so get to taking those pictures and you may be the next months winner!!!!

Happy breeding to all my Amaretto Friends!!

Until next time…

2020 Limited Edition Longma!

Hello everyone! Its a Manic Monday for sure here at the ranch we have been hard at work as always! I am so glad to get to make this announcement, its been months in the making.

What am I talking about? The LE Designer Horse contest! Thats right we have submitted and voted, and now they are here! Introducing to you the 2020 Limited Edition Longma!

2020 Limited Edition – Bái Longma
Eye: Tranquil Spirit

2020 Limited Edition – Hēi Longma
Eye: Restless Spirit

There are 2 versions of this amazing horse! You can buy them in the following packs!
2020 Limited Edition – Dragon Single Pack
Random Coat/Gender 895L

2020 Limited Edition – Mythical Pack
One of Each Coat, Random Gender 1600L

These horses will be available from today 1/13/2020 until 2/1/2020! Now here is the important part you MUST breed these horses together to get an amazing surprise!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and design, voted on their favorite, and our design team for making this an awesome horse! Congrats to Lamia Starspear for submitting the winning design!

Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Reptile Coats

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 🙂

I wanted to take a moment to share with you something that was announced at our 7th birthday in 2017! On September 1, 2017 Amaretto celebrated our 7 Year anniversary with a big Vegas Birthday Bash! It was announced that you could have your chance at getting a Reptile horse by breeding together any two reptile eyes.

Here is a list of the Reptile eyes that you can breed together to get a Reptile Horse:
Rough Green Snake
Green Tree Monitor Lizard
Tokay Gecko

Take a look at the Reptile Eyes here:

There are 4 Reptile Horses currently:

Green Tree Monitor Lizard Reptile
Rough Green Snake Reptile
Crocodile Reptile
Tokay Gecko Reptile

Take a look at the Reptile Coats here:

Remember you can breed any combination of these eyes to have a chance at a reptile horse. The Reptile horse you get will be randomly chosen from the 4 currently available.

Happy Reptile Breeding!

Hugs Marku <3

How Posh is that Ponie!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! 

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Ponie Pal Posh Ponie!!

Amaretto Posh Ponies are very special Ponies that can be born at random from ANY Ponie breeding combination.

Posh Ponies are NOT able to pass their style.

However, you could get extremely lucky and birth another Posh Ponie.

When you breed a Posh Ponie (whether it is with another Posh Ponie or any other Ponie ) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Posh Ponie.

The non posh offspring of Amaretto Posh Ponies do NOT have an increased chance of producing Amaretto Posh Ponies.

Posh Ponies are NOT able to pass their style. Posh Ponies DO have the ability to pass their eye.

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Breeding!!

Spotted Rocky Mountain Horses

The Rocky Mountain horse is a breed developed in Kentucky in the United States. Despite its name, it originated not in the Rocky Mountains, but in the Appalachian Mountains. A foundation stallion, brought from the western United States to eastern Kentucky around 1890, began the Rocky Mountain type in the late 19th century. In the mid-20th century, a stallion named Old Tobe was used to develop the modern type; today most Rocky Mountain Horses trace back to this stallion. In 1986, the Rocky Mountain Horse Association was formed and by 2005 has registered over 12,000 horses. The breed is known for its preferred “chocolate” coat color and flaxen mane and tail, the result of the relatively rare silver dapple gene acting on a solid dark coat. It also exhibits a four-beat ambling gait known as the “single-foot”. Originally developed as a multi-purpose riding, driving and light draft horse, today it is used mainly for trail riding and working cattle.

With the 3.1 update in the fall of 2011 Amaretto introduced new starter coats, the Spotted Rocky mountain horse. These could come from any of the starter, breeder and rancher packs at the Amaretto Horse stores. They were the Black Spotted Rocky Mountain, Brown Spotted Rocky Mountain, Copper Spotted Rocky Mountain and Red Spotted Rocky Mountain coats. They’re a lovely spotted coat with lighter colored mane and tail and a white stripe down the face. The coat CAN pass.

Beginning July 5, 2013 to August 4th, 2013 any bundle dropped from the breeding of any 2 Spotted Rocky Mountain horses had the chance at being an Amaretto Spotted Rocky Mountain Showhorse. The Showhorse coat could not pass but the Grand Old Flag eye could. From September 5, 2014 until October 5, 2014 for a Twist horse, you could breed any color Skewbald and any color Spotted Rocky Mountain together for the chance at one of the Spotted Rocky Skewbald Coats. The coat and eye COULD pass. From June 5, 2015 until July 5, 2015 you could breed any color Spotted Rocky Mountain horses together for the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Spotted Rocky Mountain. The Crazed Spotted Rocky coat and Startastic eye COULD pass!

With the 5.5 horse update in October of 2016 Spotted Rocky Mountain horses were retired, but can still be bred from existing lines. These interesting starter coats can have the look changed with a little gleam or gloom on the coat or hair, or some hues. Check them out for another of Amaretto’s great starter coats, based on actual horse coats.

Christmas Plaid Wing!

Hello everyone! Hows your week going? Well we have been busy at work on lots of goodies coming your way in 2020! But I first wanted to showcase some more really cool traits that came from the 2019 Christmas Edition Ponie!

If you purchased one of the 2019 Deluxe Edition – Christmas Sleigh Clydesdale or 2019 Deluxe Edition – Christmas Fantasy then you have a chance when you breed either to get this brand new Christmas Plaid Wing!

This wing definitely shouts Christmas to me! Remember the wing also has the ability to pass as well!

Also just a quick mention be sure if you see someone in the group or have a friend getting a bundle that says expired breeding to share this with them.

HORSES MUST BE UPDATED TO V 6.03 TO FUNCTION PROPERLY! Hello, as stated with the release of Version v6.03, beginning Jan 1, 2020 ALL versions that are not the most current version will no longer produce viable offspring. Meaning any bundle produced by all versions that are not the most current version will have the text EXPIRED_BREEDING or BAD_DATA_NO_PARENTS and will not birth. If you receive a bundle like this it cannot be fixed. Please update your horses to the most current version, You can read all about version 6.03 here:

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

It’s a Great Day to Wear Argyle!

Greetings Fellow Breeders 🙂

Today marks one of those obscure holidays that I know K-9 breeders will be delighted to celebrate! It’s National Argyle Day! That’s right, January 8th recognizes and honors the pattern derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland.

An argyle pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges, with overlapping motifs that typically contain an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. The pattern has been used for kilts and plaids and the patterned socks (known as a tartan hose) worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century.

Argyle became fashionable in England and the U.S. after the World War I. The Duke of Windsor, a luxury knitwear manufacturer and importer, helped increase argyle’s popularity by incorporating the argyle design pattern for golf clothing.

Since then, argyle has been adopted by other golf enthusiasts and, today, it’s considered “preppy”. Even the most stylish Amaretto K-9s wear argyle! Just look at these awesome traits.

Back in December 2013, Amaretto threw a twist into K9 breeding. During that month, when you bred any color of Yorkie and any color of Chihuahua together for the chance at a Chorkie Coat. These awesome little doggies came with the Argyle Eye and Collar, both of which do have the ability to pass.

So you see, it really is a great day to wear argyle, not only on yourself but your K-9s too!

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

Baby its still cold outside!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!
There has been a lot going on at Amaretto and we are hard at work on lots of amazing things that I cant wait for you guys to see! I wanted to take a break and a few moments to show off one the newset Amaretto horse traits!

On Dec.13,2019 Amaretto released 2019 Holiday Editions, hiding in these was the Christmas Plaid blanket! If your cold this one will def warm you up!

Remember that this blanket DOES have the ability to pass! I think this blanket it super cute and definitely say Christmas!

You can check out all the blankets on our wiki at:

Keep an eye out for this blanket in your Christmas LEs! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

FOTW Uzbekistan!

Hey everyone its another Manic Monday! I hope everyone is having an excellent week so far! I wanted to shine a light on this months Flag of the Worlds eye!

The Flags Of the World Eyes are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter eyes that can come from breeding any coat. You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter eyes as they are randomly dropped into bundles, kennels, and nests at the time they bundle drop. These eyes CAN be passed on.

FOTW Uzbekistan is the new FOTW for the month of January!

Good luck on getting this month’s gorgeous eye! If you need more information…You can see all the Flags of The World Eyes here:



Barnyard Birds:

This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!