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    Avalon Crystal

    2023 OOAK Greek Goddess & Gods!

    Hello Amaretto family! How is everyone today! 
    Well we kicked off the Amaretto Summer Carnival today with 1 hour set of music with me!



    Followed by a live performance by SEMINΛ (semiiina) which everyone seemed to really enjoy! 


    We have set out the new OOAK animals introducing to you 
    2023 OOAK Greek Goddess - Hera!


    2023 OOAK Greek God - Zues!


    We have also opened up the bid boards that will be open until Friday at 12 PM Slt! This is a great way for everyone to have a chance to get in on the fun!

    The highest bid on the board will be the opening bid on Friday at the OOAK auction that will be held at 5 pm slt!

    So head on over and take a look:

    If you have questions about the purchase of a OOAK, please contact Avalon Crystal!

    Tomorrow we will be hosting 
    July 12th @ 2pm slt "Prince" by Rebel Yell Concerts, 
    July 12th @ 3:15 slt FrankLee (franklee.anatra)
    So come join us for some live entertainment and prizes!! 

    This is Ava over and out hope to see you tomorrow! Happy breeding everyone!

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