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    27th BunKenNestKet Hunt

    We are now planning our next BunKenNestKet Hunt which will feature a poor little professor named Professor Amaretto who had a disaster happen with his Diplomas. Please come help him find them and get some great Bundles/Kennels/Nests and Baskets along the way.

    We are taking sign ups from Sims and Parcels now, you don’t have to have a huge market to participate, this is open to anything with a sales area so don’t be shy!! To sign up please go to https://www.theamarettofamily.com/forums/topic/576-27th-bunkennestket-information-and-registration/ and follow the instructions there. There is a limit to 20 applicants so sign up today!!image.thumb.png.ec643166fe7e45331e2c12ea8968799e.pngimage.thumb.png.9f9ed5dd8c949b4a024ea32a0020554c.png


    The hunt will be limited to members of the Amaretto Market Owners’ Coalition Group. This is an invite-only group. If you would like to join, simply contact any AMOC Officer or Amaretto Moderator for an invite! You MUST make your request BEFORE the hunt begins as the group is closed. Group joins will not be given out once the hunt starts!

    The hunt starts on June 17th at 11 a.m. and will end on Sunday, June 19th at 11:59 p.m. (SLT).


    Donations Are Appreciated!

    Did you know that all AMOC activities are generated solely by donations? Yep, they are and we sincerely appreciate any unused bundles, kennels, nests, and/or baskets you can donate.

    It’s your generosity and support that make these hunts happen! A current list of all donation boxes can be found here https://www.theamarettofamily.com/forums/topic/9-donation-box-locations/

    Have ideas for hunts or events please send them to any A.M.O.C. officer and we will consider them. We are planning on having a lot more events in the future.


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