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    29th BunKenNestKet Summary

    Hi everyone!!

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week-end and had a fun time doing the BunKenNestKet Hunt that we had all week-end!  We had a lot of fun setting it up and getting everything running smoothly for everyone to hunt.

    We gave out around 1,000 Bundles, Kennels, Nests and Baskets over the four days of hunting.

    What were you searching for?  Sunflowers, to help Sally the Scarecrow.


    In our hunt we ended up having 17 participating areas all around Second Life for everyone to hunt.  Some clues were pretty challenging while others were pretty easy including a free ones at the AMOC headquarters to get everyone started.

    We also had very special prizes out there for everyone to find.  Sadly though, only one has been sent in so far so congratulations to heidiho huet for finding the Special Prize for the horses.  You will hear from us soon with your prizes.

    Remember everyone, rez everything you found on the hunt, you might have a special prize as well.


    If you did find one, you have until Friday to send it to any AMOC officer to claim your prize so don't delay.  Check those prizes today.

    Special thanks to everyone who helped out with setting up the hunt, renaming bundles, and writing clues:

    Sprinkles Monday

    Bull Hynes

    Cloey Hynes

    Without them the BunKenNestKet couldn't have taken place.

    Watch for our December even which will be announced shortly.


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