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    AMOC Halloweenies!!!

    We are almost to the Spooky season!!  So let's talk for a moment about AMOC's Halloweenies.  This has become a tradition in Amaretto and is usually a very fun and exciting event.  This years should be no different!

    We do only have two spots left, since our limit this year is 13!  We have a Camp Crystal Lake scene all ready for your scary designs!  To sign up please go to 


    After you sign up, we will send you a notecard on the Thursday prior to the contest starting so watch for those on Thursday, October 27th, so you can get all set up.

    This is open to all Amaretto Breedables animals, but cannot be an LE/DE/SE/CE, it must be your own original creation.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

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