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    2023 Limited Edition Shipwreck

    Ahoy Matey! Avast Ye! Ive got some exciting news for you!
    Tuesday we announced the winner of User Designer LE Contest!

    Our winning design was the Shipwreck horse! You can read all about it here:

    So we got All hands on deck creating this awesome design so I am very excited to release the 2023 Limited Edition - Shipwreck Editions!

    Shiver Me Timbers! There are two different ones to choose from:

    Coat: 2023 Limited Edition - Shipwreck Caribbean
    Eye: Jolly Roger

    Coat: 2023 Limited Edition - Shipwreck Crimson
    Eye: Jolly Roger

    These horses will be available from March 6, 2023 until March 20,th at any Amaretto location! 

    ANY breeding of 2023 Limited Edition Shipwreck horses could give you a hidden treasure! So for your chance at some Pirate Booty go get yours today!

    Yo Ho Ho! This is Ava your favorite wench saying Thar She Blows!


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