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    All I want for Christmas 2023!

    The holidays come around each year, its a time when families gather near.
    It's a special time to be together enjoying peace and harmony.

    Holidays are full of joy and cheer, we look forward to them every year.
    This year is no different and Amaretto is ready to spread some holiday cheer. 

    I am so happy to announce that this year we will have an All I Want for Christmas Auction!!

    This auction will have several First of its Kind that we will auction off to the highest bidder!

    We have done this in the past, some great traits have come as First of its Kind such as:
    Bloom Moth Wing
    Fire and Ice Dragon Wings
    Bloom Harness
    Amethyst Beak 
    Rainbow Duck Tail 
    Chronic Bandana 
    And many more!

    This is a great opportunity to have the first, and you can decide to share or not to share!

    As always we will put up bid boards and the First of its Kind  animals before the auction so you guys can come check them out and get in on the bidding fun! 

    When: December 15, 2023 @ 1 PM SLT!
    Where: TBA
    Who: Everyone

    If you have not participated in the All I want for Christmas Auction I hope you will save the date for this one and join us!!!

    This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone! 

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