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    Amaretto Birthday Breeding Contest!

    Hey Amaretto! How is everyone doing today? Well we have been busy here at the ranch! 

    Its time for the Amaretto Birthday Breeding Contest!
    I have collected all entries that have been approved! 

    We have 10 entries thats double what we had for the last combo contest, so I am super excited!!!

    Here were the requirements for all entries:
    Must be a horse born between today and sept 1st
    Must have 1 birthday trait
    Must have 1 new trait since 7.0 includes monthly and random drops after Apr.18,2022
    Must have 8 non starter traits
    No Charmed 
    No Albino
    No Special Breeders such as: Elemental, Mules, Zodiac, Confection, Dazzle, Reptile, Rune, Vaporwave, Space Odyssey
    No registered Trend setters 
    No Null Traits

    I have placed out all entries at the contest area for all of you guys to go check out!

    There will be 3 anonymous judges that have nothing to do with Amaretto or breeding Amaretto!

    As an added bonus i have set out a voting system so that we can get the breeders favorite! So when you go please pick your favorite.
    All you do to vote is click your favorite!


    Here is your ride to the contest area:

    Good luck everyone! Happy breeding this is Ava over and out! 

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