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    Avalon Crystal

    Amaretto Lineage Released!

    Hello my Amaretto Family! Today is a big day for all Horse breeders! We have been hard at working on bringing you a lineage page, which with 11 + years of lineage has not been easy! 

    But here we are! That is right if your account is linked you can now use the lineage page!
    Lets go over some tips and tricks!

    You must be logged in to https://amarettobreedables.com/ to access the lineage page.
    Your account must be linked to your avatar!
    If you have not done so please visit for instruction on how to link:

    After you are logged in look for this button Lineage System! It looks like this!

    You will be able to see all bundles not birthed or havened, and all live horses not havened. 

    If you have a horse or a bundle that is duplicated it will have yes under the duplicated column, you would need to file a ticket to fix duplicated horses or bundles. 

    If there is a horse that is listed on your lineage page that you do not have you can file a ticket and include the uuid to have it returned. 

    Something i want to stress to everyone if you have a lot of horses or bundles, the page can take several minutes to load so it will not pop up instantly please be patient and let your lineage load. Mine took 5 mins to load all my goodies. 

    There is a button labeled Go to Bundles clicking this button will load all of your bundles. There is a hard 15 second wait time for you to switch from and lineage page there is a countdown in the bottom of the right hand side to let you know when you are ready to refresh!


    Remember you can look up the lineage of any bundle or horse by changing the url manually. For example if i wanted to look up a horse with the uuid: e5a0627d-cd99-9809-869a-0ed2359d3691 
    I would take the first part of the lineage link 
    https://amarettobreedables.com/horseData.php?id= and add the uuid after the equal sign to look like this:
    I can then take that link and post to other patrons or friends. 


    Once you have the lineage page pulled up you can click on any of the parents or grandparents to keep going back in the lineage. So clicking the Fathers Father will bring up his parents and grandparents and so on!

    Lineage will only show the location of horses that you own. You can click the location and it will bring up the slurl so you can tp right to the horses last location. 

    I know there will be a learning curve as we all become pros at using the lineage website it will be another great tool for breeders to use! We are so excited to bring you this as you have been requesting it! 

    The best feature I think anyways is the search box if you have your horses or bundle list pulled up you can type in the search mustang it will bring all your mustangs up or anything named mustang! So no more wondering lost thru your inventory to find if you have any of the monthly qualifiers!

    Please note on both list bundles and horses you may only see the breed, eye, and name, you will have to click the Horse ID to pull up a new page that displays all the horses information as well as its lineage. 

    If you have any trouble with the lineage site or linking your account please dont be afraid to ask for help! Please file a ticket @ https://amarettobreedables.com/support/

    Happy breeding everyone this is ava over and out! 

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