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    Be Electrific Day

    Be Electrific Day was conceptualized by Carolyn Finch, a professional speaker, body language expert, and speech pathologist, back in 1988. Her intention was twofold: to foster a deeper understanding of electricity and to prompt exploration of the electrical phenomena within our own bodies. She envisioned this as shedding light on unexplored realms, metaphorically speaking.

    The intricate workings of our bodies rely heavily on the electrical impulses coursing through our nervous systems. These impulses are the conduits of movement, cognition, and sensation. Remarkably, the human body hosts vast quantities of atoms, generating electricity vital for our existence. Thus, the presence of electricity within us is fundamental to our survival.

    Coinciding with the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, the luminary inventor whose groundbreaking contributions, notably the modern light bulb, propelled technological advancement, Be Electrific Day also serves as a tribute to him.

    Edison's pioneering inventions, spanning from the light bulb to the phonograph and motion picture camera, profoundly shaped the trajectory of technology during the electrification era. His innovations laid the groundwork for the technological marvels of our contemporary age. Be Electrific Day commemorates both Edison's legacy and the electricity inherent in our beings.

    So, on this day, as we honor Edison's birthday and contemplate the electrical essence within us, let us embrace the spirit of electrification. Today beckons us to embrace the charge within and illuminate new horizons.image.thumb.png.3319e1f402a183b50421336309241efb.png

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