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    BunKenNestKet Hunt!

    Its time for the next 29th  BunKenNestKet Hunt! If you would like to participate please send send Avalon Crystal a NC with your name and a slurl to your location!

    To participate you must be a market or auction area and dontate at least 100 items to the hunt! IF you have been collecting them and getting patrons to put in the donation box we got em! 

    The hunt will take place on June 24th until June 30th!

    If you want to participate and hunt for items you must be in the ~Amaretto Ranch~Breedables~Events~ Group in world!
    If you need a invite you can contact Avalon Crystal! 

    Only active breeders are sent invites to the group to prevent alts, and friends who don't breed from participating and taking away prizes from those of you who breed all the time! 

    If you have any question please contact Avalon Crystal!!

    Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

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