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    Community Meeting Re Cap March 2024!

    Hey Amaretto Family! If you missed the Amaretto Community meeting you missed a lot! 
    Don't worry I am going to fill you in on all the details that you need to know!

    We talked about the Guilded Wardens that you can read all about here:

    And how they are passing the Gilded Aura!

    We also went over the monthly qualifiers which you can read about here:
    Reminded everyone ARU classes are M-W-F at 9 AM and 5 PM SLT, Sat at 11 am SLT, if you haven't already check out the schedule here: 

    Issues reported were the following:
    K-9 Updating issues
    Duck nest poofing
    Horses on mainland having issues breeding

    We discussed our new contest! I have named this the Autumn Harvest contest!
    Here are the rules:

    Bundle must be dropped between April 1st to August 1st 2024!

    Gloom, Hues, Opal hair will count as one even if the horse has double

    Horse must have the following:
    10  traits Minimum total consisting of the following:
    3 traits must out to pasture traits 
    2 traits must be fall traits
    5 Traits any non starter trait

    No Charmed 
    No Albino
    No Special Breeders such as: Elemental, Mules, Zodiac, Confection, Dazzle, Reptile, Rune, Vaporwave, Space Odyssey
    No Null Traits
    Fresian mane and tail on a Fresian horse do not count towards the 10  traits!
    YOU must have breed the bundle, meaning you cant buy it, I can tell if you have breed your entry!
    Amaretto reserves the right to not accept any entry

    I will get a forum post going for the contest in the next day or so!

    We took many suggestions from the people who attended! 

    Amaretto had a question for everyone who was at the meeting concerning walkers!
    The questions was would you like the walkers coats retro actively updated or would you like to see a new set of walkers come out?

    Here are two examples the old on the right and the new on the left:




    If you would like to share your opinion on the walker subject please send a nc to avalon crystal! 

    We thank everyone who take the time to be at the meeting! We also missed the people who were not able to attend! 
    Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out! 

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