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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    Crazed Coat Fresians

     "Celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Amaretto started a monthly exclusive coat from our beloved horses. Beginning in January, the Crazed Coats were available to the Amaretto Community. Breeders had a chance to get a Crazed coat by breeding two horses having the coat we announced."

    And that was how the new color coats started. It looks like Rosie left her colored pencils box open again! This month's qualifiers dropped the Fresian Crazed coats. They come in 4 different gradient colors: Mystic Shadow, Blossom, Sunfire, and Spring. If the coats weren't pretty enough, imagine those wild hairs in other tailormade projects.



    Mystic Shadow


    Peach Blossom




    Spring Breeze

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