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    I know we have all done this, looked around at all the bundles, kennels, baskets and nests and thought, "what do I DO with all this?" Luckily, there are several things you can do!

    First, whatever you decide you can't use or keep for possible future use, or just don't really like, you can turn in for Amaretto points on the haven boards. Each unwanted item has a varying degree of points redeemable for useful products from the boards based on how many traits they have. You can get everything from healing kits to snacks to pet food and even special animals wiyj enough points.To find out how many points you have simply click the lower right square of the haven board and check local chat. Remember that once havened, it's permanent, so always be careful.

    Another aspect of havening for points is when Amaretto sometimes does double haven points days. You can box up all those unwanted things and save them for those special days to make the process quicker and more productive.

    The really cool thing to do with drops you don't want is to box them up and send them in for hunt donations. Every so often Amaretto will have hunts open to all group members for bundles, kennels, baskets and nests at various breeder venues. No need to rename anything you donate either!  Just pop some drops in a box and send them in to staff with a hunt donation label. You will be clearing up some prims and helping other breeders at the same time. No points for this except brownie and karma points. Happy Breeding!

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