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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville


    The 2024 Limited Edition Gilded Warden horses drop two new golden traits! We still don't know if there are more to come. They are the Gilded Aura and the Gilded Blanket. As you can see below, the aura has a shining sun spinning on the ground. The blanket has a golden background with a filigree pattern sewn over it.


    This baby showing both traits inspired me to design Helios (Apollo for the Romans), the Sun's god horse. According to ancient myths, the Sun put in a chariot, and God Helios would drive the chariot all along the sky. That is how the Sun would rise and set. 


    And Phaethon, the son of the god Helios, was the first one in the History to steal his father's car; he secretly took the chariot one day to drive it and crashed it.



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