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    G.P.S. - The Ultimate Tool for Amaretto Animals!!

    Whether you have a few animals or hundreds the GPS system for each animal is an amazing time saved.  Why?  Because it can turn hundreds of clicks into under a hand full of clicks.  It not only saves time but can save you frustration.  Say you were moving your breedables and thought you had reset home for each one but forgot a couple and they become sick, if you had  a GPS then you wouldn't have missed any and they wouldn't be sick now.

    So how can you get one?  Simple, go to any Amaretto Store for the breedable that you want the GPS system for and you can purchase one for FREE.  Isn't that amazing??  This wonderful tool is free for all breedables.


    So go buy one and rez the box on your land, and right click on select Open and you will get a folder in your inventory and then you can rez the GPS itself on your land. Now before just rushing and clicking Activate you will want to set the setting on the GPS itself.

    In each one you will want to set, the movement, range, home reset (if you want it to reset when you move them it will reset the home to where they are now).  Once you are done you can select Activate on the menu and just like that all your breedables are set.

    Here are the different menus you will have on each of the GPS systems:





    Barnyard Birds (Chicken and Birds)


    Ponie Pal


    To be safe, personally I click all of my GPS systems before logging off the day just in case I moved someone and didn't set home on them, it saves me time and I won't lose any breedings due to them getting sick.

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