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    Anaconda Carter

    I Can't Find My.....

     Help! I picked up my Amaretto and I can't find it in my inventory! I can't remember what I named it so how do I look?

       Those of you who are OCD will understand this, I am a bit like that with my breedables. I firmly believe in the power of folders in Second Life. Folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, and so on. I have my inventory organized alphabetically, with a folder just for Amaretto Breedables, then one for the different breeds, then coats, eyes, wings, saddles etc.,also the foods, and other consumables, the updaters, landmarks to stores. Do you see what I mean about OCD? LOL  Inside the eye folder are more folders for the kinds of eyes-albino, confection, awareness, reptile, etc. Inside THOSE folders, are more with the kind of coat that has each eye.

        Something that makes it easier to sort them is always naming a bundle before you pick it up, so it goes to your objects folder with the info you need to sort it, the coat, eye, extra traits and gender maybe. When that builds up to a certain number i take some time to transfer those to the Amaretto folder.  The same thing happens when birthing a bundle or updating. They go to my objects folder, then get put in the Amaretto folder so if i have to pick them up again, they go back to it, making them much easier to find in my inventory even if I don't remember the name.

       It may seem like a lot more work for those that have a lot of breedables, but in the long run it helps you and makes rezzing and re-rezzing a lot easier and less stressful. This method works for me, but it's up to individual breeders to find what works for them.  Happy Breeding

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