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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    Icy Brilliant Stars

    There is a new aura around!!!! Blue stellar dendrites gravitating around the horse form an exquisite looking. 


    Stellar dendrites are a type of snowflake pattern that is common and well-known. The name "stellar dendrite" comes from the Latin word "Stella," meaning star, and "dendrite," meaning tree-like. Because the pattern of a stellar dendrite snowflake looks like a tree with branches that extend out from a central trunk, creating a star-like shape.

    Stellar dendrite snowflakes typically have six arms from a crucial point, with smaller branches and sub-branches growing out of each annex. Those branches themselves; often have a feathery or fern-like appearance, with delicate patterns of ridges and grooves on the snowflake's surface.

    Stellar dendrites are the most common type of snowflake pattern and are what people think of when they picture a snowflake. They form in temperatures between -2 and -8 degrees Celsius (28-18 degrees Fahrenheit) and with a high moisture level in the air. The exact shape of a stellar dendrite can vary depending on the specific conditions in which it forms, but they all share the basic tree-like structure with six arms.


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