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    Anaconda Carter

    Journey of Promise Goodies

    On May 2, 2014 Amaretto held the Journey of Promise OOAK Auction and Raffle and raised an astonishing 2,364,850L for the auction items and 1,077,747L on the raffle items!! All proceeds raised went 100% to Relay For Life!!

    The 3 Amaretto OOAK Horses that were raffled off for a total of 1,077,747L were: 
    The Amaretto OOAK Nidhogg won by DamianaArima Resident 
    The Amaretto OOAK Heiptir won by Rocky Belavidorico 
    The Amaretto OOAK Greyfell won by Bigbad Sinister

    In addition to winning these amazing One of a Kind horses, they dropped new coats!

    The Nidhogg dropped the Niflheim coat with Safir eye and wing in a beautiful shade of blue. The Great Eye from the Nidhogg, and the coat ,wing, and eye from the Niflheim all could pass.


    The Heiptir dropped the green nidavellir coat that came with Skogur eye and wing. Underworld eye from the OOAK and the nidavellir coat eye and wing all passed.



    The Greyfell dropped a mouthful, the Svarthalfheim with Fjolublar eye and wing, in purple. The Runic Greyfell eye and Svarthalfheim coat wing and eye passed.



    The Amaretto OOAK Rainbow Butterfly Shetland that was auctioned off was won by Duckkula Resident for a whopping 1,850,000L!

    From that breeding came the red Muspelheim coat with Rauour eyes and wing. The Wings of Awareness eye from the OOAK Shetland passed, as did the Muspelheim coat and Rauour eyes and wing.


    This was an amazing auction with fantastic results for charity, AND it produced some great coats and traits for us. One of the side benefits is listening to people try to pronounce the names of the horses LOL

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