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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    Mini Horses

    A lovely surprise of the version 7 update of Amaretto horses is the new Appaloosa miniature coat. But they were not the first miniature droppings, so let's review our previous minis.


    When the version 6.01 Horse update came out in Apr. 27th, 2019; new starters were hiding these exciting new coats. Anyone had a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter coated American Miniatures by breeding any horse with a starter horse or breeding together two starter horses.























    Later, Amaretto released an albino miniature version. For a chance at an Albino Miniature, one of these full siblings MUST BE a Miniature.



    Will there be more miniatures? Ava would answer: "YOU NEVER KNOW!"

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