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  • Anaconda Carter
    Anaconda Carter

    My Heart is On My...Horse?

    When breeders create trend horses they often like to combine matching traits, like all black or rainbow.  Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone associates the heart with it, so I thought we could look at all the heart traits.
    Going all the way back to 2011 we started with Element eyes which included the Heart Element and in June of 2011 at the Amaretto Social Gala they gave away 5 Elemental Gala OOAK horses with particles and revealed that by breeding Element eyes you could get Elemental Horses. Of course, no particles and the coats do not pass.


    Another heart trait from 2011 was the Heart Brand. Even though it has since been retired it can still be bred from existing lines.


    From the 2012 Fright Night LEs we got Wild Hair traits which eventually led to the Elemental Heart Wild Hair.

    February 10, 2014 Amaretto released the Limited Edition Valentine Treasure Blanco and Valentine Treasure Raven. From these we got the 23rd trait, which included the Heart Horn.


    Next up in 2015 if you bred the Valentine LEs together you could get the Rainbow Heart saddle.


    The 2016 Wild Love Valentine horse4s gave us the Love Brand, which was one of the first of the colored brands, a red heart.


    2017 was a busy time, with the Dearest Heart LE eye passing from the 2017 Valentines Day horse Ravishing, and the Looney Leg Heart coming from breeding 2 horses with heart brands.


    In 2020, the Coveted Circlet Heart horse came from breeding Heart Element eyes with one of 5 specific coats. The coat could not pass, but the Corazon eye and coveted Circlet horn DO pass.


    The element eye, Dearest Heart eye, brands, horns, saddle, Looney Leg and wild hair can all pass. I wonder how many you all can get on YOUR horses? 

    Happy Breeding!


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