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    At National Today, we're fueled by the excitement of food holidays, and the upcoming National Lobster Newburg Day on March 25th has already set our mouths watering. Just envision that exquisite golden-red lobster resting atop a luxurious bed of cream, infused with the richness of eggs, the enticing aroma of cayenne pepper and nutmeg, and a hint of sherry—utterly divine, wouldn't you agree? While some variations of the recipe may incorporate butter and/or cognac, Lobster Newburg remains an iconic dish in the culinary world. What makes it even more intriguing is its origin story—it wasn't crafted by a seasoned chef, but by a sea captain named Ben Wenburg.

    As a sea captain, Wenburg's extensive travels naturally acquainted him with the sea's secrets. Seafood was a staple in his diet, influenced by the diets of many other seafarers. Coupled with limited access to ingredients, Wenburg's ingenuity led to the creation of Lobster Wenburg—yes, the precursor to Lobster Newburg.

    Wenburg's dish caught the attention of Charles Delmonico and Chef Charles Ranhofer, the former being the proprietor of New York's Delmonico's cafe. After some tweaking by the chef and his team, the dish debuted on the menu as "Lobster a la Wenburg," quickly becoming a patron favorite. Unfortunately, a disagreement between Wenburg and Delmonico led to the dish's removal.

    However, the dish's popularity couldn't be denied, prompting its triumphant return at Delmonico's, now christened "Lobster Newburg." Once again, it captivated diners, revitalizing the cafe's business. While the exact origins of National Lobster Newburg Day remain uncertain, people celebrate by indulging in this delectable dish and savoring the wonders of the mighty lobster.


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