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  • Anaconda Carter
    Anaconda Carter

    Painted Hooves

    Where did we get all these pretty hooves? Well, when Amaretto introduced the Mother's Day LE Rainbow Dapple on May 7 2012, the special trait they were hiding was Hoof Paint! The eyes and coats on these colorful LEs did not pass.

    The Hoof Paint trait could be passed on and became the 14th trait. We started out with blueberry, dragonfruit, kiwi and pepper and added other colors later. In December of 2012 the Christmas LEs were hiding Winter Snowflake, Candy Cane, Festive Fruitcake, and Eggnog hoof paint. The 2014 Holiday LEs were hiding Rainbow Hoof and Black/White hoof paint. All of these Hoof Paints are passable traits.




    The null trait came along as an “Invisible trait”, a placeholder. These placeholders were implemented as a way to allow the breeder to have a maximum trait horse but still look the way they want it to look. 

    Horses can have a few different colors in real life too. Not as many as Amaretto but they do have stripes, along with white, black, or brown.


    With so many colors to choose from, breeders can combine them with lots of other matching traits to make interesting new horses. Happy Breeding!

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