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  • Maggie Mae Zing Magellan
    Maggie Mae Zing Magellan


    Dear Breeders, 

                            Today's trend is the craved rainbow stripe overo's!  in the month of June 2019 if you bred any two overo's you had a chance of dropping one of these beautiful craved rainbow stripe overo's! The coats do have the ability to pass.   


    YES! Don't forget about these fabulous coats while deciding what to put the new 7.0 traits on!  For example the new tranquility or comfort wing would look awesome on these horses.  What about one of those new aura's?  Or the new saddles!  A new eye might just be the ticket...right???!!! Just imagine the possibilities!  

                            As a breeder I like to look for an older coat and blend it with new traits to put a different spin on a favored coat!  Get your inspiration with these gorgeous coats today!

                            Search your inventory or look at markets for this coat and design your trending Craved Rainbow Striped Overo today! You could design the next trending horse.....you never know 😛
     This is Peach Buzz reporting live on whats trending in Amaretto!  

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