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    Maggie Mae Zing Magellan


    Dear Breeders,  

                               Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a vampire......No erm wait this is not a story of vampire ducks!  But, it is a love story.  A love story about some atmospheric inspired ducks called the TWILIGHTS!  You will swoon with delight over their feathers inspired by the horizon refraction of scattered sunbeams. Introducing to you (drum roll) THE TWILIGHTS!  (cue the crowd going wild sound bit)  882245208_2020twilighteditionducks.thumb.jpg.54e82bcbae0ccdb71a349db730da828b.jpg

     On March 17, 2020 Amaretto released 2020 Twilight Editions! You do not have to breed these animals together to get an awesome surprise! These editions were available from March 17, 2020 until March 31, 2020 at all Amaretto locations.

    The hidden surprise in the 2020 Twilight Editions was the Harlequin Twilight!



    The Coats on the 2020 Twilight Edition Ducks DO NOT pass.

    The Eyes on the 2020 Twilight Edition Ducks DO have the ability to pass!

    Well Dear Breeders I hoped you enjoyed this little twilight saga.  I hope you fall in love with these ducks and find those eyes and Harlequin Ducks!   Have fun!  This is the Peach Buzz reporting live on trending Amaretto news.  

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