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    Hello Breeders,
                            Today's Buzz is about gem crowns on your ponie pals!  Do you think your little babies deserve to be crowned! Of course you do!  Well back in 2020 we had these wonderful Gacha horses and when you bred them they could pass you a gorgeous gem crown! 

    Take a look at these beautiful gem crowns:  image.thumb.jpeg.76316b49bb64cd11913b5efe918fbb40.jpeg

    On July 12, 2021, Amaretto held their OOAK auction and they had a few Ponie traits, one of those was a new Crown Gem Onyx. 




     Regal, Royal & Debonair ooo la la! These crowns add the perfect amount of Bling to any of your designer ponies. Sadly we can no longer buy those Gacha Ponies but we can search for the crowns from other breeders who were lucky enough to get them.  Kinda like going on a treasure hunt! So if your Ponie pal is looking for a little pick me up give it some bling by adding one of those sparkling gem crowns.  *You never know what Amaretto might do with these Gem Crowns on the Ponie Pals* 

    This concludes Peach Buzz that informs you of the hottest trends in Amaretto! 

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