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  • Maggie Mae Zing Magellan
    Maggie Mae Zing Magellan


    Dear Breeders,

    Everyone knows that a punk rocker's calling card is their WILD HAIR.  Here at Amaretto is it no different.  BECAUSE a brand new surprise has hit the grid for all you Ponie Pal breeders!  FINALLY the Ponie Pals have WILD HAIR!  

    WHAT!  How did this happen???!!! Lots of Gel, Hairspray and hair dye????  No, no all you have to do is breed one of the new Punk Deluxe Editions because there could be a hidden surprise......Wild Hair! 


    Wild hair can pass.  I have seen two already posted in the Ponie Pal group (woot woot)  You might be asking yourself: I wonder which wild hair will pass?  Although I personally do not have the answer for that I can tell you this:  Only a wild hair that is listed on the wiki that has a normal sculpted mane and tail could pass but a Ponie Pal with a decidedly unique sculpted mane and tail would not.  Let me show you some examples: 



    A horse with a normal sculpted mane or tail:



    A decidedly unique sculpted mane or tail: 


    Is that clear as mud???!!!  If you still have questions about wild hair you can always message a Moderator or Ava to get further clarification.  With that being said, good luck to all those breeding those Punk DE's!  Also don't forget to please post in the groups if you were lucky enough to get a wild hair 🙂 

    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trending news in Amaretto.  



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