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    Romeo and Juliet are Chickens?

    Today let's talk about classes.   Amaretto Barnyard Birds all begin with the “Starter Breeds” that are sold in farmers and clutch packs as well as individual Hen or Rooster packs at all the Amaretto Barnyard Bird stores. These all have Farm Class. Farm Class is not a trait. They each come with possible hidden breeds and traits. The hidden breeds/traits may or may not be Non-Starter. When breeding new starters together, it is important to remember that the hidden breeds/traits may or may not drop in the first nest or even the last nest. You just never know!


    Now, the trait classes of Barnyard Birds are Jester, Romeo, Juliet, and Bird of The Line.  The Jester Class does some amazing things to your Barnyard Bird. Benefits of Jester Class are: your bird never goes below 75% vivacity, which helps with breeding, as birds need to be at least 85% vivacity to gain vigor AND to breed.
    The Jester Class CAN pass!

    The benefits of the Romeo Class are that the bird never goes below 50% vigor, another great thing for breeding, It can also pass!

    For the Juliet Class, you get an extra breeding, so thirteen instead of twelve! This comes in handy with a special bird, and it can pass too!

    Last but certainly the best class trait to date, is Bird of The Line. Bird of the Line Class does some amazing things to your Barnyard Bird. Benefits of a Bird of the Line are:

    your bird will never sleep!
    it never goes below 100% stamina.
    never go below 75% vivacity (Jester Class)
    never go below 50% vigor (Romeo Class)
    Gets an extra breeding cycle! (Juliet Class)
    Bird of the Line also gets any traits from future classes released.
    Bird of the Line CAN pass.

    Any future class traits will be added to your current Bird of the Line through an update.

    As you can see, the Bird of The Line, or BOTL as some breeders call it, is certainly the best class because it gives you all the benefits of the other three, plus a bit more. With the bird update coming soon, I can hardly wait to see what other classes might be added in the future. BOK BOK!


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