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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville


    The 2023 Halloween Limited Editions gave us some exuberant surprises as new horse traits. 
    As we know, now, we have three new auras and a wing.
    Let's start with the Void Wing; it was already present on the Limited-Edition horses, so there was a great expectation it would drop. Those who bet on it were right, and the translucid wing is available as a regular trait.


    The Aura Batty is a match for October's "Looney Leg Batty." and I loved those little bats flying around the horse. Some creepy project ideas are popping up.


    The Arcade Ritual Aura looks like a funny Invocation Ritual! 


    And while I was writing this article, someone teleported meto see Claudio Oh's new horse with the third new Aura Haunted Candles.


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