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    Sedan's Triple Music

    Sedan777 is a rewarded breeder famous for his creativity and collection of Amaretto horses.
    After acquiring the right to create custom traits, he released a set of eyes, branding, and wings celebrating his love for the music!

    Set The Night To Music Eye


    On June 26th, 2015, Amaretto hosted a Summer Fest Auction,
    Sedan7777 Resident won and created the "Set the Night to Music" Eye in collaboration with Amaretto!

    Rhapsody & Music Wing!


    On July 14th, 2017, Amaretto hosted a Country Fair Auction; up for bid was a create your horse wing, which Sedan7777 won and designed alongside Amaretto Designers the Rhapsody & Music Wing!

    Moonlight Serenade Branding 



    on Decemberer 8th, 2017, Amaretto hosted an "All I want For Christmas Auction!" and Sedan7777 won and designed alongside Amaretto Designers the Moonlight Serenade branding.


    Those traits altogether were known as Triple Music and are still nowadays loved and bred by many horse breeders!

    And he still nas a coat to be released, but nobody knows if it's related to his music traits!!! (Ava knows it, but you know her default answer)

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