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    Spillin The Tea w/Pea-Multi Breeding

    Hello amazing breeders!  

    Today we are going to talk about multi breeding.  Better yet clean multi breeding.  Many breeders use this type of breeding to breed less horses with more chances of SPECIAL COAT drops.  While this is a great money saver when it comes to food and prim use.  There are downsides to it as well.  If you don't breed clean you could end up with some less than amazing drops.  Now let's look at this type of breeding.

    We all know there are eyes that give us a chance at special drops.  Confection eyes, rune eye, galaxy eyes, and more.  We also know that crown gem can give us Vaporwave.  But let's dig deeper.  We can talk about sibs now as you know sibs can drop you albinos, but there are several types of albinos you can get Albino Horses - Amaretto Breedables Horse Manual check here.

    Now let's break down this type of breeding.  Before I start, I will not cover all options just a few examples. Also, what I mean by multi breeding and doing it clean.  What some don't know is that your whole sib pod doesn't need to be one coat.

    HORSE 1 CLYDE, HORSE 2 FELL PONY, HORSE 3 MINI HORSE 4 SHETLAND.  Now let's look at this.  We could get albinos of any of those coats because they are all sibs.  Then you add in a special eye and wow does your chances of getting something amazing go up.  All the eyes all have to be from the same type.  example all confection, or all runes. 

    Now here is where it can get a little messy.  Let's say your horse the male has a crown gem or a saddle.  Yes, the crown gem can give you a vaporwave if the pod has it on at least one female and one male. The downside to extra traits.  Say your crown gem is red and your saddle is red also.  You drop a Chocolate Eclair Confection with a red saddle and red crown.  While someone might love it. It could be harder to sell.  Because people want clean.  

    I love multi coat breeding. The reason I wrote this post about a month ago I dropped a rune coat and what did it have a dang red crown gem.  When I started making this sib set right after the release of the vaporwave my best friend and I started reworking our sib sets adding in the crown gem.  While multi breeding is amazing think about the traits you breed in your sets.  Clean is always better.  Remember a wise woman always says parents do matter so make sure you check what is in the back as well.  Nothing more disappointing than getting a galaxy coat to drop and find out it had Looney Leg Lollipop in the background and now your galaxy is sporting it.  Galaxy with Looney Leg Lollipop is not the new trend.  LMAO

    There are so many examples of this type of breeding! This is just one that explains a mistake I made.  No mine didn't have a saddle. But I did end up with a Rune Erinite with a Gem Crown Frostbitten.  I wanted to cry. giggle




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