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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    The Jersey Devil

    The Jersey Devil is March's cryptid eye. Ignoring the legend, I searched about it and brought you an abstract of it.

    In South Jersey and Philadelphia folklore in the United States, the Jersey Devil, also known as the Leeds Devil, is a legendary creature said to inhabit the forests of the Pine Barrens in South Jersey. The cryptid resembles a flying biped with hooves beast, but there are variations in its description. The widespread description is that of a bipedal kangaroo-like or wyvern-like creature with a horse- or goat-like head, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, legs with cloven hooves, and a forked or pointed tail. It has a strange, elongated body and a thick tail. It has been reported to move quickly and described as emitting a high-pitched "blood-curdling scream."




    According to popular folklore, the Jersey Devil originated with a Pine Barrens resident named Jane Leeds, known as "Mother Leeds." The legend states that Mother Leeds had twelve children and, after discovering she was pregnant for the thirteenth time, cursed the child in frustration, declaring that the child would be the "devil." In 1735, Mother Leeds was in labor on a stormy night while her friends gathered around her. Unfortunately for her, the thirteenth child was born a normal baby. However, it transformed into a creature with hooves, a goat's head, bat wings, and a forked tail. Growling and screaming, the child beat everyone with its tail before flying up the chimney and heading into the pines. In some versions of the tale, Mother Leeds was, supposedly, a witch, and the child's father was the devil himself. Some versions also state that local clerics attempted to exorcise the creature from the Pine Barrens.

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