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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    The Poisoned Dart

    This month's random eye is the Poisoned Dart. Have you any idea where it comes from and its meaning? Poisoned Dart is one of the 12 Dark, or Black, Zodiac signs.


    And what is the dark zodiac? We are all familiar with the good side of the zodiac signs and how they can impact our lives. However, it is relevant to note that along with the good, sometimes you need to know the bad too. Like good zodiac signs, they can also be dark zodiac or, as they are popularly known, the Black zodiac.



    You never have problems with impulse control; because you precisely know the time to wait and the time to strike.


    You consider those who parade their strength are fools because you know that timing and planning can out rule mindless power. You don't take much time to analyze a situation and plan your attack accordingly. However, try not to be too cynical all the time, no matter how powerful; and invincible you may feel.


    Aren't you curious to know about the other eleven dark zodiac signs? I am, so I can wait for the next random drops!

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