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  • Anaconda Carter
    Anaconda Carter

    The Wearing of the Green

    Everyone thinks of green horse coats on St Patrick's Day, but what about the other green traits? There are literally dozens of green eyes, including the random drops on St Pat's Day 2014 Shamrock eye, and 2015 Happy St. Patrick's Day eye.


    We have green leg traits, with the Kiwi hoof, and Green Socks.


    There are seven green pattern non opal and opal wings wings,  the crystal Soul Nebula wings, Mega Crystal Radiant Day, and the truly awesome Slime Green Gargoyle wings.




    Bridles can be added to the list with three, the Green Bridle, Kelly Bridle, and Clover Bridle. There are several Unicorn horns including the solid green Envy Horn, and the Gem Crown Jungle horn. Five green Racing Saddles, a Green Dressage saddle, and the very popular Chronic Blanket.


    Green Ear Tip, Green Reins, and the lovely Jazzy Gem Peridot Headpiece!


    Lastly, and there are too many to enter here, don't forget all the various green Wild Hairs you can get from the many many, MANY coats Amaretto has given us over the years. Between all these traits you have the opportunity to truly create the greenest horses in the world! Breed ON!

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