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    Things you need to know-Amaretto Horses






    What happens if your run out of food?

    After 3 days (72 hours) they will get sick.  Now this is not the end of the world.  You can give them a healing kit or just put out some food and they will eat themselves well.  It takes just as long to get well as to get sick.  

    How does the range setting work?

    The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. So let me explain this a little more.  If you set range at 10m put out a cylinder on the ground and drag it to 10 meters now place your food in the center of that area.  Any horse inside that area will be fed by that food/salt.  Now that also means they will breed with those in the area.  If you ever find your horses not eating, first thing I check is the range. (Not that it could be the only reason)

    My horse went retired. Now what?

    Well at this point you can haven your horse for points, or you can give it Forever Foal and not have to feed it any longer.  Another option :  Put your horse on pet food. I almost forgot about the extenze pill. This will add 7 days of breeding to any retired horse.

    Did you know you can ride your horses?

    Once a horse reaches age 7 you can ride them.

    At what age does a horses gain fervor?  Without a consumable they will gain fervor at age 7.  There are several consumables you can give them as soon as they are birthed.

    This next one is a big one that many people misunderstand

    LE's are Limited Edition horse, released at special times and usually carry special traits that pass. The Horses have one set of hidden traits and one set of shown traits. Le's and starters are the same in that they carry the new traits from the update as in the new traits from the 7.0 update. But Le's work different when it comes to their special traits that come only from them. Example: One of the new Peacock Le's drops a offspring  with a new branding that comes only from the Le's, that branding can pass because it is shown. If the Peacock Le dropped an offspring without any of the new traits specific to that Le then it can not pass any of those specific traits because they are not shown on the offspring. So you see this is very different then a regular starter. So I want to say this again.  Your new 7.0 starters drop a bundle with no new traits, You can and should open that offspring and breed it because unlike LE's they still can have a hidden trait.

     What is a Albino?

    The Albino is a coat that you can get when you breed two full siblings {full siblings meaning the same father AND Mother} together. Breeding an Albino with it's sibling gets you a better chance at getting an Albino. The albinos have special eyes and they can pass those on like a normal trait. Currently there is 8 types of Albinos, Regular, Albino Clydesdale, Albino Fell Pony, Albino Shetland, and Albino Mystique, Exmoor Pony, and Albino Percheron , Albino Miniature.

    Can I advertise in the Amaretto Ranch Breedables group?

    The answer is NO.  Join Amaretto Advertising Network or any of the other advertising groups on the grid.

    Do horses have hidden traits?

    Horse have one set of hidden  and one set of shown traits.

    Something is wrong with my horse what do I do?

    You can open the group chat and ask a mod for help or make a ticket.  Many of the basic issues a mod can help you sort out.  

    Support - Amaretto Breedables Community   click for tickets.


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