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    Tickets? How do I send one?

    Although Amaretto does keep on top of issues, you just never know what issue in Second Life can cause issues with out breedables.  Sometimes they are easy to fix, such as re-rezing a breedable or changing a group tag and that can be done by us members.  But sometimes it's more complicated, such as a duplicate breedable, a missing breedable or consumables having issues.  In those cases, it is important to send in a ticket to get help.

    Remember, don't send DMs or Notecards to CSRs since those can get lost, it is always best to send in a ticket.

    Make sure to bookmark https://amarettobreedables.com/support/ so you can have easy access to get there.  Let's start with the basics.  Make sure you are not using the ingame browser and some versions of IE will not support the forms on the support page.  So try to use one of these browsers if you can:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla FireFox
    • Apple Safari
    • Opera

    You will need to be signed in to send in a ticket so if you haven't yet make sure you make an account on the site and fill in your mini profile there.

    Once on the support page, you will see your older tickets and their status.  You will also see:


    Click this to send in a new ticket.  Once you click this you will get sent to a new page to fill out the information needed  Which looks like this:

    image.png.953b6b4ef48991289a3fdefbc684de17.pngTitle - you can fill in any title you want but sometimes it's best to just add a snippet of what you need, such as Lost Bundle or something similar.

    Department - Find the closest here to what your issue actually is, as this will help direct your ticket.


    SL First Name and SL Last Name - these are extremely important since they will help identify you in game so don't use your display name if it's something different.

    At the bottom is a large box for you to explain the situation in as many details as you can.  Please include as much as you can and be as specific as you:

    • If it's something you just bought, whether it's directly from Amaretto or not please include full transaction logs, you can get these from secondlie.com in your transaction history.
    • UUIDs, for any bundle issues for both parents is sometimes extremely helpful.

    In the end, be as clear and give as much information as you can, if more is needed a CSR will ask you but it can cause delays in your ticket.

    You can also include screenshots if this will help explain the issue more.

    After you have submitted your ticket, you will NOT be contacted in game, so watch your ticket status as there could be follow up questions or instructions that you will need to follow.

    This ticket system is there to help everything run smoothly.

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