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    To Boost or Not To Boost

    Have you ever looked at your pregnant Amaretto horses or dogs and thought DROP IT ALREADY!!!  Luckily for you, they have consumables to help with that. After three days of waiting that last little bit of time can seem to take forever, even tho each percent of pregnancy is only 43 minutes.Some breeders use boosters to time when they want their horses and dogs to drop

    For horses there are three different boosters.
    Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster 1%


    Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster 5%


    and for those who REALLY can't wait
    Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster 25%


    These are all one time use boosters and can be used by rezzing next to the horse, clicking the right one on the menu of consumables after which the booster will disappear.

    If your horse is asleep when you use the booster, you can wake it up at 26%, but the closer it is to waking on its own, the better the chance of the bundle dropping. Only one booster can be used per pregnancy

    Amaretto K9s have the same time period when it comes to breeding They only have two pregnancy boosters, the 1% and the 5%, which work the same way the horse boosters do.


    They can also only be used once per pregnancy.

    Now the great thing about the Ponie Pals, Chickens and Ducks is that they don't need boosters, because they drop as soon as they breed!





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