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  • Lívia Laville
    Lívia Laville

    Tracking the past

    Do you remember what the Amaretto website looked like on 31st July 2010? Here is what it was. 


    Now 13 years later, a lot has changed; the community grew up, and there are tools to help breeders to find what they need. Like discussion forums, a complete wiki, AMOC, and even a university!
    The support area is easy to use, and you get a quick response from the Amaretto team. 
    Clubs allow one to find people with the same affinities.
    You should explore the website and its tools. Get along with your fellow breeders and discover all news about K9s, birds, pony pals, and horses.
    My favorite tool is the Horse Lineage tool, where you can track up to grandparents' generation any horse on the grid if you know it's UUID.3994ee3d3e011472bedd1f0d3f1922b8.thumb.png.30388815c37fd115f9645d39a9ceea3e.png

    So, here's the trick to do it:

    • Open the Lineage tool.
    • Select any of your horses or bundles.
    • The on the URL address field, edit the text after ...php?id pasting the UUID of the horse you want to track parental information.



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