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    Twinkle Twinkle Little Ponie!!

    The Amaretto Ponie Pals are adorable but you combine that with some wonderful star traits and you get some amazing breedables.

    Let's start with the Stardust Ponie Pal.  This was a user created design that does pass so you can keep breeding these little ponies.


    Now what can you put with this, how about some wonderful Constellation Eyes.  Here are some of the eyes, minus the Leo and Cancer eyes which are available but not listed in the Wiki.  These eyes were a randomly monthly drop starting in September 1, 2020 and were the replacement for the Flags of the World eyes.


    After you have a fantastic eye and style, why not find a face marking.  The Celestial Face Marking came from the original starter Ponie Pals.


    And now why not add that little something extra and add a Coveted Circlet Cosmic which did pass from the Monthly breeding that gave us the Coveted Cosmic Ponie Pal (even though that style did not pass).


    So if you put all these traits together you would have one out of this world Ponie!!


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