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    What The Heck is a Bad Bundle?

    What does this mean?  “NEVER_RECEIVED_MOTHER_COMMUNICATION” And why am i getting this from my bundle/kennel/basket/nest?  This can happen when there has been lag in SL at the moment the mother dropped. Don't panic, Amaretto can fix this.  When you file a ticket on a bundle, kennel, basket or nest showing this message, the CSR’s ask you to send in the parents information because  the UUID is no good. They need it so they can look up and return to you the viable  bundle that the mother did have. Please remember how important this is to know the parents of each drop.

    Another message breeders get that can cause a panic is Duplicated Horse, please file a ticket with Amaretto. That red text over your horse needn't be scary. Some of the things that can cause this are lag. sim restarts, rollbacks, crashes, and sometimes updating. If you find a breedable in your inventory and you know that you already have it out, you can right click on the item in inventory, look in the description field and compare the numbers from that with your breedables number. If you set it out and you already have it out, both copies will duplicate.
    Also  when SL does a sim Rollback, it takes the sim back to a previous state. If you have recently purchased a horse/k-9/bird from someone, and the sim where you purchased the breedable from has a rollback, it can create a duplicate issue., maybe even someone else has come along and also purchased the same breedable. This is why we ask for transaction history. If this happens you can contact the seller for refund. Please don’t just assume they are selling duplicates on purpose. Talk to the seller. Things can be worked through.
    To file a ticket you need to go to the support site. 
    If you haven't filed before you can register on that site, then log in and file. The name and UUID of the breedable are the best pieces of information that you can provide. If it was a purchase, you need to provide your transaction history. After you have filed a ticket, you will be asked by a CSR to send in all copies of the duplicated breedable in a FOLDER.. When sending folders to the csr, make sure your name and ticket id is on the folder. If you have issues with multiple breedables you can put them all on one ticket.  If a CSR needs more information, they will make a request for it in the ticket you filed.So when you reply to a request don’t send replies to tickets in IM or notecards, reply to your ticket on the ticket site itself.
    Good luck and happy breeding!

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