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    What To Breed?

    We all know that an albino horse is always white, barring other side traits like gloom or coat warmth. And you get albinos by breeding full siblings, that is, horses that both have the same parents. So a pure white dog breed should be from full siblings too right? WRONG. What you get from breeding full siblings in K9s is a Mutt! Mutts have a unique coat for each of the twelve breeds. The coats do not have the ability to pass, however the eyes they have DO have the ability to pass.

    Now the all white coats in the dog breeds are called Blancos, which is Spanish for white lol. To get one of those coats you need to breed two K-9s of the same color coats together. (example: two Red Pie Face Huskies could produce a Blanco Husky). Blancos can come in the same breeds as Mutts, with five added ones.

     The coats on the Blanco K-9s do NOT have the ability to be passed on.
    The Blanco Collars DO have the ability to be passed on.

    Now that Ava has announced the Qualified Breeding for April to be Chronic Paw Warmer in K9s, some of you may have siblings with it, or dogs with the same coats. If you use these dogs, make sure that they are current version 3.01. An added plus is that makes them triple duty, as you could get a mutt, a blanco OR the April Special coat!

    ARF Happy Breeding

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